Polar Bear – Radio Classics “C&C Records”
I_AMPOLARBEAR 967 subscribers Available now! Itunes: http://tinyurl.com/pt5z6mw Amazon: http://tinyurl.com/o84jdpc Produced by Ball Masson Directed by…
US Election Opinion: The only decent choice in the election
(CNN)My Jewish husband grew up in 1970s Germany. When asked to give up his seat…
How Britain Got China Hooked on Opium I VICE
How Britain Got China Hooked on Opium I Empires of Dirt VICE World News host…
A Tale of Two Shootings – Jacob Blake & Kenosha, Wisconsin

Why Did the Police Shoot Jacob Blake? | The Daily Social Distancing Show

Another look at systemic police violence and racial injustice: Jacob Blake, an unarmed Black man, was shot in the back seven times by police and may never walk again.

Craig Hodges – Activism in America – Black Lives Matter
Why Former Bulls Guard Craig Hodges Is Proud of Strikes Across American Sports By K.c.…
What We Know About the Death of Elijah McClain
23-year-old Black man Elijah McClain died in police custody in Aurora, CO, last year. His…
Mahomes will inspire other athletes to speak their minds on politics

Patrick Mahomes participated in a video message sent to the link that helped encourage a swift response from the commissioner about its stance on social justice. Mahomes is promoting a voter registration program in Kansas City, and he also said that athletes should not have to quote “stick to sports” but instead try to affect the world in the most positive way possible. Hear why Shannon Sharpe believes that Mahomes will inspire other athletes to start speaking their minds when it comes to political issues.

Kimberly Jones – How Can We Win (BLM)

Kimberly Jones – How Can We Win (BLM). On Saturday May 30th filmmaker and photographer David Jones of David Jones Media felt compelled to go out and serve the community in some way. He decided to use his art to try and explain the events that were currently impacting our lives. On day two, Sunday the 31st, he activated his dear friend author Kimberly Jones to tag along and conduct interviews. During a moment of downtime he captured these powerful words from her and felt the world couldn’t wait for the full length documentary, they needed to hear them now. Tags: Kimberly Jones, How, Can, We, Win, BLM, BLM-Europe,

360vid #ICantBreathe DK – Kongs Nytorv LGBT Speech , KBH, DK – June 7th 2020

360vid #ICantBreathe DK – Kongs Nytorv LGBT Speech , KBH, DK – June 7th 2020. 360vid #ICantBreathe DK – Black Lives Matter March June 7th 2020 – No Justice No Peace. American Embassy, Copenhagen, Denmark. BLM Denmark is a platform from which to actively address and protest minority racism against people of color by the police and justice system.

The active focus will mainly be for Denmark and Northern Europe while also updating with relevant news an international level. This video is for the LGBT community and in memory of an ex collegue and friend Mark Cerruti. Mark is not dead, but he is “Drop Dead gorgeous. So there is that….. kisses.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar – “Becoming Kareem” On and Off the Court | The Daily Show

NBA Hall of Famer and “Becoming Kareem” author Kareem Abdul-Jabbar compares Colin Kaepernick’s protest to…